Team Contact Information

King County ARES/RACES


Net: Sundays at 2000 hrs, 147.080+ (110.9) repeater primary, 147.000- (103.5) backup

Meeting: 1st Wednesday of February, May, August and November at 1900 hrs via Zoom.  Contact Kirk Bellar, N7UK for details.

1900 25th Av S, Seattle. All team members and interested Hams are welcome.

Contact Person: King Co. ARES District EC/Regional RACES Radio Officer, Jim Monson K7JGM

Contact Person: King Co. Assistant ARES District EC/Regional RACES Radio Officer, Kirk Bellar N7UK



Net: WA State Emergency Net (not associated with Camp Murray), Mondays at 1730 hrs and Saturdays at 0900, 3.985 MHz primary, 7.245 MHz and 5.3715 MHz secondary


Contact Person: State RACES Officer and ARES WWA Section EC: Monte Simpson, K2MLS

Radio room manager for the State EOC at Camp Murray: Scott Dakers, W7SGD

Primary Winlink ID: NNA0WA

Washington State Guard (ARES District G)


Net: Every Thursday Night at 1945 (7:45pm) on the PSE Repeater System (441.775+ - 103.5)


Contact Person: CW4 Micah Goo - KF7GKZ

Alternate Contact: CW2 A.J. Terranova

Primary Winlink ID: NNA0WA

Local EMCOMM Teams:

American Red Cross


Net: Local Net, Tuesdays at 2000 hrs, 441.550+ (103.5) repeater

Meeting: Second Wednesday in March, June, September and December at 18:30 at the ARC HQ

Contact Person: Bob Tykulsker KM6SO

Primary Winlink ID: WW7RC



Net: Sunday at 1900 hrs, 147.240+ (123.0) repeater

Meeting: 4th Thursday at 19:00 at Auburn Annex Building, One East Main Street (3rd Floor)

Contact Person: AAECT Team Leader

Primary Winlink ID: WA7AUB

Bellevue Communications Support


Net: 2nd Thursday at 1830 hours, 441.100+ (156.7) repeater  and 146.580 Simplex. All other Thursdays, 2000 hours, 441.100+ (156.7) repeater 

Meeting: 2nd Thursday at 1900 hrs. at Bellevue Fire Department-EOC, 450 110th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Contact Person: BCS Officers

Primary Winlink ID: K7BEL


Website:  Internal access only

Net:  Wednesdays at 11:15 (Renton), and Thursdays at 11:00 (Everett) on 145.510 simplex

Meeting: As required, announced internally

Contact Person: Kirk Bellar N7UK

Primary Winlink ID: WA7JET

Eastside Fire and Rescue Amateur Radio Club 

Includes: Carnation, Issaquah, May Valley, North Bend, Preston, Tiger Mt., Sammamish, and Wilderness Rim


Net: Voice Net: Every Sunday night at 1900 hrs. 440.250+ (123.0), Backup: 147.100+ (123.0)

Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of every month @EF&R Station #83 - 3425 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd SE, Sammamish, WA 98075

Contact Person: Jon Bromberg W1JDB, John Parry KG7IDS

Primary Winlink ID: W7EFR 

Operates WinLink Node: W7EFR-10 (Cougar Mt.) 144.950 W7EFR-12 (Sammamish Water Tower) 145.630 W7EFR-14 (Station #73  Issaquah Highlands) 145.630

Sunday Evening WinLink Net Check-In:

Check-in prior to 1915 hours

Send check-in to:, and


Federal Way


Net: Sundays at 1930 hrs. on 147.040+ (103.5) repeater

Net: D-Star Net, Sundays at 1900 hrs. on 146.840- (WA7FW C) repeater and REF035C reflector

Meeting: 3rd Thursday at 1900 hrs at Federal Way City Hall, 33328 8th Ave South, Federal Way, WA  98003

Contact Person: ECRT Mike McCoy-N7VWD or Tony Robinson-KJ7LSA via ECRT 

Primary Winlink ID: WA7FW

Highline ARC 

Includes: Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, and Sea Tac


Net: Every Tuesday at 1930 on 146.660- (103.5) repeater


Contact Person: Ken Higgins, KE7GOW

Primary Winlink ID: WA7ST



Net: Sunday at 18:50 on 442.125+ (103.5), IRLP (3067) and echolink (KF7BIG-R) capable

Meeting: 4th Monday at 1900 hrs. at Issaquah PD, 120 E Sunset Way

Contact Person: Mike Crossley KF7BIG

Primary Winlink ID: K7ISQ



Net: 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Mondays 1845 hrs, starts on 147.320+ (103.5) then shifts to 145.650 simplex or other designated frequency. 

Meeting: 3rd Monday 1830 to 2030 hrs via Zoom.  Request session details via email

Contact Person: K7CST 

Primary Winlink ID: K7CST

Monday Evening WinLink Net Check-In: 

Check-in prior to 1845 hrs 

Send check-in to: and KCST-NET 


King Co. ECC Support



Meeting: Second Wednesday or Saturday, contact for info

Contact Person: Jason Shirron, KE7EEL

Primary Winlink ID: K7ECC



Net: Sunday evenings at 1930 hours local on linked repeaters, 145.490- (103.5) and 441.075+ (103.5). In case of repeater failure, switch to 145.490 simplex. 

Meeting: Third Tuesday of the month at 1800 hrs, location varies

Contact Person: Kirkland Office of Emergency Management

Primary Winlink ID: K7KFD (Primary) KFDEOC (Tactical)

Maple Valley


Net: Tuesdays at 2000 hrs, 146.540 simplex

Meeting: MVARC Club, 4th Saturday at 1000 hrs, location varies

Contact Person: Scott Gilyeat KC7SAG

Primary Winlink ID: KC7KEY

Medical Services Team


Net: Thursdays at 1930 hrs, 146.900- (103.5) repeater

Meeting: 3rd Saturday at 0900, location varies, see website

Contact Person: Marina Zuetell N7LSL

Primary Winlink ID: WW7MST



Net: Sundays at 1905 on 146.560 simplex

Meeting: Weekly net at 1905 on Sundays on 146.560 simplex 

Contact Person: Doug Dicharry K7CNS

Primary Winlink ID: N7MED

Mercer Island


Net: 2nd Thursday at 1900 hrs, 147.160+ (146.2) repeater

Meeting: 3rd Thursday at 1900 hrs, location varies

Contact Person: Woody Howse, K7EDH

Primary Winlink ID: W7MIR

NW WA Regional ERC 

Mercury Northwest


Net: Tuesdays at 1900 on 147.340+ (100.0) Woodinville repeater 


Contact Person: Scott Green, K7JSG

Primary Winlink ID: K7JSG





Contact Person:

Primary Winlink ID:

North Bend


Net: Mondays at 18:00 on the 441.775+ (103.5) W7PSE repeater

Meeting: Second Monday of the month at 18:00 at the North Bend Public Works Building (EOC) 

Contact Person: Dee Wayne Williamson KE7CFM

Primary Winlink ID: KE7CFM

Northshore Emergency Management Coalition

(Cities of Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, the Northshore Utility District, and the Northshore Fire Department)


Net: Sundays at 19:00 on the 443.7250+ (103.5) repeater 

Meeting: RACES meetings occur on the second Wednesday of each month and are held at the Northshore Fire Department Station #51 in Kenmore, from 7-9pm.

All Volunteer meetings occur on the 4rd Wednesday of each month @ 7pm, alternating locations between Lake Forest Park City Hall and Kenmore City Hall.

Visitors are welcome to both meetings.

Contact Person: Jon Rumsey K7RMZ

Primary Winlink ID: NE7MC

Port of Seattle




Contact Person: Russ Read N7HOV

Primary Winlink ID:

Public Health Amateur Radio


Net: Every Tuesday (if a regular business day) at 10:00 on the 147.080+ (103.5) repeater 


Contact Person: Allan Persyn, K7NWR

Primary Winlink ID:

Puget Sound Energy ARES Team


Net: Tuesday afternoon at 12:30pm PST on the W7PSE repeater 441.775+ (103.5). In event of repeater failure: 441.775 simplex or, 147.420 simplex 


Contact Person: Dee Wayne Williamson KE7CFM

Primary Winlink ID: PSEARES





Contact Person: Charles Beckmeier W7CEB

Primary Winlink ID:



Primary Repeater: 145.310- (103.5) KC7IYE Repeater (Yaesu System Fusion)

Net: Sundays at 1930, 443.325+ (103.5) N6OBY Repeater

Meeting: 3rd Wednesday at 1900 hrs. at Redmond Fire Station 17, 16917 NE 116th St., Redmond, WA 98052

Contact Person: Chris Barnes KF7ZEI Team Leader/EC

Alternate Contact: Patrick Kelley K7KEL

Alternate Contact: Janeen Olsen KE7RWJ

Primary Winlink ID: K7REM



Net: Thursdays (except meeting night) at 1900 hours on 443.600+ (103.5) repeater

Meeting: 1st Thursday of the month at the Renton EOC located in Fire Station 12 at 1209 Kirkland Ave NE, Renton at 1900 

Contact Person: Renton ECS Teamleader

Primary Winlink ID: K7FDF



Net: Mondays at 1900 hrs, 146.960- (103.5) repeater 

Meeting: 2nd Saturday, October through May, Olympic Hall, South Seattle College (subject to change, check web site) 

Contact Person: Dave Wilma, KG7LEA

Primary Winlink ID: W7ACS



Net: Mondays at 1930 hrs, 442.825+ (103.5) repeater

Meeting: 2nd Saturday at 1000 hrs, Shoreline EOC, 17525 Aurora Av N)

Contact Person: Alan Coburn KE7IBO

Primary Winlink ID: W7AUX




Meeting: 3rd Wednesday, 1900 hrs, Snoqualmie EOC, 34825 SE Douglas St. 

Contact Person: Bob Keeton K7MHJ

Primary Winlink ID:

Snoqulamie Valley (SnoVarc)


Net: Every Thursday at 20:00 on 441.825+ (103.5), then 443.250+ (103.5), then 145.590 simplex

Meeting: 1st Thursday of the month at 1900 hrs. at the Duvall Fire Station, 15600 First Ave NE Duvall, WA

Contact Person: Rowland Brasch, K7RWB

Primary Winlink ID: KE7GFZ



Net: 18:30 every Sunday on D-Star repeater 440.425+ (KF7BFT_B) 

Meeting: 19:00 1st Wednesday of the month at Tukwila Fire Station 51 444 Andover Pk E 

Contact Person: Mark Lium, N7WSU

Primary Winlink ID: WA7TEC

Vashon/Maury Island


Net: 1st Sunday at 1930 hrs on 28.385 MHz USB, other Sundays on 443.500+ (103.5) repeater


Contact Person: Mark Ellison-Taylor, W7OZT

Primary Winlink ID: W7VMI



Net: Mondays, 19:00 local time except 2nd Monday of the month due to Team Meeting

Repeater: Woodinville, K6RFK on 147.340 +0.6MHz (Tone: 100.0)

Meeting:  2nd Monday of the month Team Meeting - 7:00 PM at Woodinville Fire Station 31 

Contact Person: Paul Nicholson, KI7E

Primary Winlink ID: KJ7EYI