ARES / RACES of King County

Please Check into the King County Weekly ARES/RACES Net

Time: Sundays, 20:00 local timeĀ 

Repeater: SeaTac Repeater Association, W7WWI, 147.080+ (110.9)

Repeater failure: Switch to W7DX, 147.000- (103.5)

No repeater available: Switch to 147.080 simplex

Net Preamble/Script

King County Quarterly ARES/RACES Leadership Meeting

Dates: First Wednesday of February, May, August and November

Time: 19:00 local time

Where: All meetings are virtual - contact Kirk (N7UK) on the contact page for more details

All team members and interested Hams are welcome

Monthly Team Activity Reports

King County ARES/RACES Teams should report all monthly activities to the DEC at the end of each month. Follow this link to the online report form for District 6: Online Report Form

Interested in joining an emergency communications team? A good way to start is to attend the quarterly meeting, noted above. Or, use the Message Service to send a message to the Team Leader for your area.