King County

25 Apr 2017

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ARES / RACES of King County

Please Check into the
King County Weekly ARES/RACES NET:
Time: Sundays, 20:00 local time
Repeater: Seatac Repeater Association, W7WWI, on 147.080+ (103.5)
Repeater failure: Stay on 147.080 simplex
Repeater noisy: Switch to 147.000- (103.5) W7DX repeater
Net Preamble/Script

King County Quarterly ARES/RACES Leadership Meeting:
Dates: First Tuesday of February, May, August and November
Time: 19:00 local time
Where: Seattle Red Cross 1900 25th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144-4708
All team members and interested Hams are welcome

Communications Academy
Communications Academy 2017 will be held in April on the 22nd and 23rd at South Seattle Community College. Check the academy website at for details and information.

Monthly Team Activity Reports
King County ARES/RACES Teams should report all monthly activities to the DEC at the end of each month. Follow this link to the online report form for District 6: Online Report Form

Interested in joining an emergency communications team? A good way to start is to attend the quarterly meeting, noted above. Or, use the Message Service to send a message to the Team Leader for your area.